Goldfish Bento


This week's bento is super easy to make! To recreate the cute little goldfishies, all you need are:
  1. 2 cherry tomatoes
  2. a slice of white coloured cheese
  3. a piece of nori seaweed.  
Take one cherry tomato and cut it into two equal pieces. One is for the head and the other half is for the tail and fins. To make the tail, cut the halved tomato into thin slices. Take one slice and cut out two mini triangles for the fins.

Get a thin drinking straw and punch two circles out of cheese for the white part of the eyes and cut  two small circles out of nori to make the pupils.

Arrange everything together as pictured above and voilĂ , you get yourself a goldfish :).

See you all next week :)!

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  1. Very cute! Love that your bento is very do-able, too =)

  2. Awesome and lovely looking bento. Wonderful preparation.

  3. This is so cute! I will do it!! :-)

  4. I love the way you present the colors...what a beautiful arrangement! Ariani @

  5. O_O How come I never thought of! Those! And that looks like a bento that will be both filling and healthy, even when small... *makes notes*

    1. Yup, these fishies are actually pretty simple to make and they are healthy too! The portion is small but it really depends on how big your bento box is :).