Totoro Spam Musubi


Recently I saw a video which shows how to make Totoro spam musubi. I thought it's such a cute idea and very simple to follow as well. I didn't make a Totoro template because I couldn't be bothered to do so, but the Totoro spam musubis still turn out quite alright, don't they :)? Check out this video to make your own Totoro spam musubi, it's pretty cool :). 

I also included four mini Totoros which are made out of quail eggs tinted blue with purple carrots and decorated with nori eyes, nose and fried spaghetti whiskers. 

 That's it for today and see you next week :).  

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  1. Oh loving your Totoro Spam Musubi!!! Thanks for the sharing video!

  2. The tiny Totoro are so adorable!