Marie Antoinette Bento


Yes, call me crazy. I just ate the head of Marie Antoinette...!

Oh well, she doesn't actually even look like the real Marie Antoinette. My husband said it absolutely doesn't look like her. But hey, it wasn't my intention to replicate Marie Antoinette's real face, I simply wanted to make a Marie Antoinette-themed bento, thus the big, curly white hair, the ship on her hair, some lacy ribbons and the French flag (which certainly didn't exist yet when she was queen). She was after all the Queen of Fashion of her time, and her coiffure was a hit among the noble women, even though nowadays, I doubt that a lot of women would willingly put a few toy-sized ships on their heads ;). But due to my husband's rather discouraging comment, I am sure I'll make another Marie Antoinette-themed bento in the future ;). I'll make sure that her hair would be much bigger, higher and curlier ;).

Here she reminds me of Ganguro girls...;)!!

Why did I choose Marie Antoinette as my bento's theme? Well, it's because when I was a little girl I used to be 'crazy' about everything Marie Antoinette due to the manga series, "Rose of Versailles" by Riyoko Ikeda which I read and treasured. I got hooked on the story of her life and did a lot of research about her and on the French Revolution in general. But I would never have imagined that one day I would make Marie Antoinette's head out of food...!

Anyway, it was a bit weird to dig in something that looked like a human's face, I felt like a cannibal ;). I had to remove all the facial details from her face before I could eat it. It was an extremely yummy lunch though - not very French (well, actually not French at all ;)) since I had spicy beef bulgogi with kimchi, ebi fry and salad. Next time I make a Marie Antoinette bento, I should prepare something really French, so that it would be a real hardcore Marie Antoinette bento and my husband wouldn't have any reasons to say otherwise ;). I should start checking some French recipes from Charles from Five Euro Food and Sissi from With A Glass :).

I hope you enjoy looking at this rather unusual bento of mine - you know, I usually just make 'cute' character bentos or traditional ones.

Some information on how to make the Marie Antoinette onigiri:
  • Face: rice seasoned with soy sauce
  • Hair: rice
  • Ribbons: imitation crab with nori
  • Ship: goat cheese with nori and gouda cheese
  • Eyes: goat cheese and nori. The eyeballs are from goat cheese coloured with blue food colouring (no, I didn't eat the eyes...!)
  • Lips: imitation crab
I think most of you should know who Marie Antoinette is since a few years ago she was popularised by the movie 'Marie Antoinette' with Kirsten Dunst as the lead actress - unfortunately not a really great film, the story line is a bit ughh and it doesn't really tell the story of Marie Antoinette's life at all. The only scenes I can remember from the film are simply the ones when she's partying and partying and partying with 'I love Candy' as the background music. Sophia Coppola shouldn't title the movie 'Marie Antoinette' but 'The Party Life of Marie Antoinette' instead ;). Sorry if you like the film, I am just stating my opinion...:-).
Oh, by the way, if you don't know who Marie Antoinette is, just hop over to Wikipedia :). Enjoy your weekend. I am glad I'll have my Xmas holidays soon :), it's totally overdue!!!
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  1. Cooking! I think look awesome love the hair and the kanikama in her hair, look fantastic:)

  2. "Here she reminds me of Ganguro girls"
    LOL :D

    I should send this to my father - he's quite the Antoinette fan :D Thanks for the shout-out CG - I was wondering, what is the thing on her head, on top of the flag? Looks a little like a boat but maybe something different?

  3. awesome...
    and I love "Rose of Versailles" too :b

  4. omg marie antoinette bento! that is freakin insane! love the crazy white hair and blue eyes

  5. You're a genius! This is awesome tho' I've no idea who she is. BTW, did u win the bento contest? I'll be disappointed if u don't cause that two bento of yours are gorgeous. Hope to see your comments on my bento too tho' they're no where comparable to yours. Happy holidays, dear!

  6. Your Marie-Antoinette must have cost you hours and hours of hard work. You really surpass yourself with creativity! The ribbons are simply a work of genius!
    I didn't know there was a manga about Marie-Antoinette. I totally agree: the film presented her like a brainless, vain, selfish person and I hated it.
    Thank you for mentioning my blog! It's so sweet of you. I hope you will be able to find some inspiration for your bentos.

  7. This is fabulous! You are so talented! Our team is always full of admiration with your bento.

  8. You're really my idol, CG! ;D
    Your talent and creativity had already surpassed to the very ultimate! I love those ribbons, Marie-Antoinette's curly hair, her lovely tone of blue eyes and everything in your bento! Cool! ;)

  9. @ Everyone - Thank you for your kind words :)!

    @ Charles - It's actually a boat, so your guess was right ;). I need to make it look more obvious next time. Underneath the boat there is also a flower, maybe it does make the boat look less like a boat...;)?

    @ Journal Mommy Yenny - awesome, I love the manga too ;)!! Well, nowadays I actually tend to think that the manga is a bit exaggerating in some ways, but I used to love the series like crazy ;). I prefer Riyoko Ikeda's other work, such as 'Orpheus's Window':).

    @ Blackswan - Marie Antoinette was the last Queen of France who was beheaded by the angry (and hungry) French people who were unhappy with her extravagant way of life. But it's much more complicated than this of course. If you hop over to the Wikipedia link I stated above in the post, you'd find out more about who she was and what made her have the fate she had. I'll surely check out your bento creations :). I love looking at and learning from other people's bentos :D)!!

    @ Sissi - Thanks, Sissi :). It did take me a few hours to make this bento, even though in the end she looks more like a ganguro girl at some angles (just like what I have said on my post ;)). The manga about Marie Antoinette is already quite old, first written in the 70s I think. The German translation was sold a few years ago and I am glad I bought the whole series because nowadays they're very expensive. I am sure 'The Rose of Versailles' is also translated into French. After all, I think the French seem to embrace manga more than the Germans (at least they have better imported choices of manga IMHO).

    @ CasaBento - Thank you for commenting, CasaBento :D)! What an honour :)!!

    @ Lyn - You're too kind, Lyn. You yourself make great bentos...!! You should make more bentos and update your blog ;). I keep coming back but it's still the same old post, hehehe ;).

  10. Ah, ok - no, it was perfectly obvious - I just wasn't sure about the significance of the boat - maybe my history has a hole somewhere!... or maybe it's supposed to just be enjoyed as decoration and I'm over-analysing things too much :)

  11. so impressed by this one! bravo for your excellent rice-shaping skills and creativity!