Hopping Bunnies Bento


I made this bento for my little niece two days ago. It was her first time eating a charaben. My sister told me that she polished off the whole thing (except the bento box of course) :). I'd thought she wouldn't, since it's sometimes hard to persuade her to eat. But I am glad she did. Now she wants her mummy to make the same bunny eggs for her ;).

So let's see what's inside the box: I prepared two rice balls wrapped in nori seaweed and topped with a halved quail egg each, which I had soaked in soy sauce beforehand. I transformed the halved quail eggs into two little bunnies with my magic hands ;) - just kidding, I decorated the faces with nori eyes/nose/mouth (I used a quail egg nori punch) and used a toothpick to dab the cheeks with tomato sauce. I also added two slices of green onion tamagoyaki, three pieces of chicken nuggets, blanched broccolini, four carrot flowers and four pieces of halved strawberries. I topped the broccolini with a piece of cooked teddy-bear shaped pasta, to make the bento looks even prettier.


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  1. Always love how colorful your bento is :D

  2. Hi CG! How are you? Welcome back, and so happy to see your bento again! Your egg bunnies are so cute!

  3. Aww...bunnies so adorable!! Always loved to see your bento!

  4. Such a cute bento, I am sure your little niece polished it off! She may want more!!