Mushroom Spaghetti Bento


This is the first bento I made after I returned to Australia a few months ago. Very simple, nothing cutesy except the two pretty carrot butterflies. In fact I also sent this picture to Bento&Co Competition, with the hope that I would get a few bento materials, since I didn't really have any over here. I managed to be in the top 20 and got a few things from Bento&Co.

Anyway, this bento contains mushroom spaghetti cooked a la Aglio Olio, four pieces of pan-fried chicken nuggets, four pieces of cherry tomatoes, braised asparagus, boiled egg, two carrot butterflies and parsley to add some greens to the bento.

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  1. still looks lovely and very tasty!

  2. Returned to Australia? You are not living in Germany anymore?

  3. yummy...
    your bento is so sweet looking :)

  4. congrats! Yummy spaghetti!! Looks like I need to work on my cooking as I didn't get into the top 20 :p

  5. Wow spaghetti looks super tasty.

  6. Ooohhh...delicious. How are those bento boxes by the way? Are they lacquered, I mean, is it all right to put greasy stuff in?

  7. This bento box is not lacquared. So for food items which are sort of oily, I usually cover the inside of the box with alumunium foil or use food cups. But this type of bento box is not as delicate as it seems, it is actually pretty sturdy and if you directly wash and dry it after eating, the box should keep for a long time.

    1. I see, thanks for explaining! Knowing me, this type of box will probably be a bit too risky to use. I imagine it'll end up with dried up rice stuck to the inside, that needs to be scraped off...shame. Hmm. Or onigiri on lettuce leaves...that might work. :)