Easy Rilakkuma Bento


Recently I received a couple of things from CasaBento, including a set of Rilakkuma bento boxes and a matching pair of Rilakkuma sauce containers. I call this a simple Rilakkuma bento, because I relied on leftovers and I didn't make any special characters for this bento lunch. But it still turned out pretty damn cute, thanks to the adorable mini Rilakkuma sauce containers :).
These three Rilakkuma-themed bento boxes only cost €13.99. You can also use them for storing foods, which I find very convenient.

I filled these sauce containers with mayo and tonkatsu sauce. If you love Rilakkuma, I think these are a must have!

Today's bento included steamed rice topped with cherry tomato, pan-fried prawn fritters, a few slices of green onion tamagoyaki, two slices of pink-dyed lotus root, a small portion of teriyaki-glazed spam, macaroni salad and a piece of taro mochi. Cut out a few carrot flowers to make your bento more decorative, if you like.

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  1. So cute those rilakkuma boxes, I would love to have them for my kids (and me :-))


  2. Totally agree....without characters still can made awesome bento! I'm sure you still have more Casa Bento things :p Looking forward to see your great creation!!

  3. I like Rilakkuma, too. Your Bento looks so adorable. I love it!!! :)

  4. looks real yummy ! wonderful clicks !