Caterpillar Sushi and Chicken Bulgogi

Just a Picture Post...
I made the caterpillar sushi 1.5 years ago. It looks like a lazy and sleepy fat worm ;-). At that time I was really into cute bento making. I still like looking at cute bento pictures, but now I am too lazy trying to recreate them...

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  1. Love the caterpillar sushi, it does look like one, albeit a delicious and edible one. :)

  2. Thank you for the kind comment :).

  3. I noticed that you are a fan of Japanese food....they are very practical for a lunch box.
    I don't do much Sushi, because all I can eat probably are two, maybe three of them, and my husband doesn't touch them at all....
    Angie's Recipes

  4. I used to hate sushi many years ago, but then I just grew to love it, same with my husband - but as I have written in my post 2 days ago, I am actually a quite picky sushi eater - I mostly eat sushi without raw fish, so I am really not such a sushi purist.

  5. I dont like sushi , but looks yummy at this pictures ..
    nice shot !
    we prefer lemper ayam than sushi hua222 ....

  6. awww! so beautiful! You are an amazing cook!