Domäne Mechtildshausen I

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During the last few days I had been visiting an organic farm/market, called Domäne Mechtildshausen, in Wiesbaden. I was quite impressed by the look of the place, because it's surrounded by beautiful, colourful flowers, and there is this classic country-look about this place, which I am very fond of. It's not just a farm there, but it's a complex with restaurants, cafes, a butcher's shop, a bakery, a hotel and a market where they sell organic fruits, vegetables and other organic food products.

The Domäne was always quite packed with people the last few days I had been there. I guess, besides the nice look of the farm, people also come to this place because absolutely everything they offer in this house (whether it's the restaurants, cafe, bakery, market, etc) is bio - that's how we call organic in German. The products here tend to be of course much more expensive than when you buy them in normal supermarkets, butcheries, bakeries and so on. But if you are health conscious, I guess higher prices don't matter so much.

The Market

The Bakery

The spread of breads and croissants in the cafe.

Some horses in the stall...

The Hotel

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