Domäne Mechtildshausen II and Award

I want to continue my posting about Domäne Mechtildshausen, an organic farm/restaurant/hotel in Wiesbaden, that I wrote last week. Besides visiting the organic shops there, I also had the chance to visit the restaurant a few times together with my husband and my parents in law. Here are some of the food we tried there:


Drei kleine Süppchen - 3 little bowls of soup.
From left to right: Flädlesuppe - broth soup with stripes of pancake, Kartoffelsuppe mit Schnittlauch und Krabben - potato soup with chives and small shrimps, Zweierlei Paprikasuppe mit Meeresfrüchte - Paprika soup with seafood bits. I had this appetiser, and I liked the paprika soup the most. I also liked the potato soup, but didn't find the shrimps in the soup really fitting. All in all a nice appetiser.

This one is Beef Carpaccio. I don't know how good it is, but my parents in law were very happy with it.

Bunte Blattsalate mit Ziegenkäse - Salad with grilled bacon coated goat cheese. My husband's appetiser.

Bretonische Artischocke - Breton artichoke salad (French style).

Geeistes Gurkensüppchen - cooled cucumber soup. Appetiser given for free from the house. I don't like this at all - I am just not used to cold soups. For me it's not really soup, but like a bowl of juice - and no, I don't like cucumber juice...

Geeistes Melonensüppchen - cooled watermelon soup, also given free of charge from the house. Actually, like the cucumber soup above, it's a nice idea for summer - but it's really just not my thing. I hated this 'soup'. It tasted very weird for my tastebud... (Well, okay, at least these weird soups are gratis...;-)). My parents in law like these two cold soups though...

Main Dishes

Domänen Taube - grilled pigeon with chanterelle mushrooms risotto. The first time I tried pigeon - tasted quite good actually, the meat has a somehow herbal aroma. I nevertheless still prefer duck, chicken or goose.

Cote de Boeuf - French style beef with oven baked potatoes and salad. My MIL was very thrilled by the tenderness of the meat.

Boeuf Bourguignon - Again some French style beef with Spätzle (German egg noodles/pasta originated from Schwaben). Very nice dish, although I am not really a fan of Spätzle. I would prefer to eat this dish with German potato dumplings or just some oven baked potatoes.

Kotelett von Jungschwein - Piglet cutlet with oven baked potatoes, asparagus and white beans. My husband really liked this dish.

Rücken von Charolaisrind mit Serviettenknödel - Charolais Beef with pan fried potato dumplings and green beans. This dish is also very yummy...!

Verschiedene Edelfische - various types of fish (seafood) with spaghetti.

Tranchen von Rhöner Weidelamm - stripes of free range lamb. Very small portion and expensive... But my husband loved it.

Seeteufel - devil fish with rice.


Peach cake with chocolate mousse and blueberry sauce.

Strawberry ice cream with waffle and dates.

Ziegenkäsetartar - Goat cheese tartar with baked baguette and dates.

Assortment of small cakes and biscuits - given at the end of the meal, free of charge from the restaurant.

All in all, I am satisfied with the quality of food and service in this restaurant. I recommend people to come and visit this restaurant, if they want to have something completely organic or just something more healthy. It's quite pricey here (considering the small portions they give there), but the quality of the meat, fruit and vegetable is very good.

By the way, I also want to end this post by thanking Anncoo, who just gave me an award for my blog. I feel flattered and honoured to receive this award for my blog, which is still very young and lacks experience. So, once again, thanks Anncoo ! :). *Bow head*.

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  1. I must say that you are very professional!
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  2. vat a lovely blog!! i love it!!love the delish foods.. yumm!!

  3. Thank you, Nora. I just checked your website, yours looks very professional indeed, absolutely cannot be compared with mine...!