Glutinous Coconut Balls

If you like mochi and you like coconut, you would probably also like this sweet dessert, which is often found in a yum cha restaurant. I made these coconut balls ages ago, even before I start blogging - not that I have blogged for a very long time...;-).

I made these coconut balls based on a recipe from my Dim Sum coobook from the Wei Chuan series - Wei Chuan is a cooking school in Taipei, and they have great series of cooking books with step-by-step pictures. Their newer books are also mostly bilingual - Chinese and English.

These coconut balls are normally filled with red bean paste, egg custard or sweet mixture of peanuts and coconut flakes. I like mine filled with egg custard the most, although in this recipe the filling is a mixture of egg custard and coconut flakes.


  • 300 gr glutinous rice flour
  • 1 1/2 cups boiling water
  • 150 gr coconut flakes
  • 75 gr sugar
  • 37 gr butter
  • 1 egg
  • 75 gr desiccated coconut ( for coating )
What to do
  • Knead the dough ingredients until smooth. Divide into 20 equally sized portions.
  • Mix the filling ingredients. Freeze until partially solid.
  • Press each portion of dough flat, fill it in with 1 tbs of filling. Close the dough and make it into a ball.
  • Bring a pot of water to boil. Drop in the balls and cook for 5 minutes. Remove from boiling water after they have expanded in size. Roll the balls in the desiccated coconut .

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  1. WOW, these look so soft and nice to eat. Is it easy for you to get Asian ingredients in Germany?

  2. @ Anncoo - we have some Asian grocery stores around, and they are relatively 'complete', but of course lacking more fresh ingredients like fresh rice noodles/egg noodles, etc.

  3. I had some of these with a black sesame filling at dim sum and they were sooo good! Yours look just like their's.

  4. YES! thank you so much! it's so hard to find a recipe that contained the custard paste!

  5. Hi, thanks for this recipe. By the way, I'd like to know how to do the custard filling without the coconut flakes... Could you please help me ?

  6. Thank you for posting this recipe! But I have a question, how do you manipulate the dough? It's so sticky!! And how do you keep the dough from breaking when wrapping it around the custard? Thanks!