Elegant Butterflies and Pink Blossoms Cake

I was in the mood of making a cake again (well, to be true, I was more in the mood of decorating a cake, not baking one. As I have written in my previous post, I don't like baking that much, I just like to make cakes and cookies looking pretty).

I started to have an interest in cake decorating about 2 years ago after I stumbled upon this blog. It's a blog owned by a girl just around my age and at that time I thought she made the most interesting and creative cakes...! Because of her creations I suddenly just felt the urge to make my own wedding cake - yeah, I almost got married at that time, so the discovery of her blog was a real good timing. So I started to look for some ideas and recipes for my cake. I also
absolutely wanted to make a fondant cake, because with fondant you can create unique, individual figurines. I found a good marshmallow fondant recipe and the cake turned out to be a success - which means, I managed to make my own figurines from fondant, and also cover the cake with fondant. When I look at the pictures of my wedding cake now, they look very amateur, but at that time I was very proud of my cake and it was my first stepping stone in cake decorating.

After that I have made several fondant cakes and they are getting better through the time. Unfortunately, I do not have the chance to practise this hobby of mine more regularly, because I am generally quite busy working (at the moment I have my summer holiday, that's why I can blog and cook a lot). And believe me, after getting home from work, you will not want to make an elaborated fondant cake, because it can be very time consuming and you will need your full concentration to make it - that is, if you make every single sculpted figurine and detail yourself. However, when you really have the time, and if you like to make edible piece of art, then this work can actually be very enjoyable and rewarding.

I named my newest fondant cake project 'Elegant Butterflies and Pink Blossoms Cake'. The most fun part of this project was actually to make the sugar butterflies and sugar flowers - the baking of the cake itself was quite boring and messy...:-b.

The butterflies are made from royal icing and the sugar flowers from fondant. Making the butterflies was very tricky, because I am just not good with royal icing. My hands are just not delicate enough to do the intricate piping work...!

The plain-Jane sugar butterflies before the makeover.

The sugar butterflies after some rigorous makeover ;-)

The sugar-flowers-making in progress.

The Cake - triangle-shaped vanilla sponge cake covered with chocolate ganache.

I only could put two butterflies on my cake because the cake was quite small.

Other view of the cake

There are many rooms for improvement, but so far I am quite happy with the result of the cake. The question now is, who is going to eat the cake...?? My husband and I are not very passionate cake eaters...;-).

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  1. Oh, you make beautiful edible art! Had a quick browse of your blog ... lovely stuff you whip up :)

  2. Thank you for your kind comment :).