Wok Dao Restaurant - Barcelona

Wok Dao is one restaurant in Barcelona that made a quite deep impression on me. It is a very new restaurant and my husband and I happened to be there on the first opening day of the restaurant and we were also one of the first few people to be there. This restaurant opened on the 9th of July, 2010 and offers all-you-can-eat mainly Chinese, Spanish and Japanese dishes. The selection of menu is so big you would have a problem trying them one by one. Since I am also a rather picky eater, I didn't try every single dish they had there even though we went to the restaurant several times. I was especially impressed, because every time we came there, they always had some new dishes in their menu instead of preparing the same dishes over and over again, just like the buffet restaurants I find here in Germany. Since the restaurant was new, we didn't have to pay for our drinks (or so we thought, we don't speak nor understand Spanish unfortunately and the people working there hardly spoke English...!). The price was extremely affordable and fair as well (we actually even thought that it's too 'fair', looking at all the things they offered). Just €8.98 per person for the lunch hour and €11.98 in the evening. During the weekend the price is €13.98 per person.

They have a huge selection of dishes - seafood, meat, poultry, rice and noodles, salad and antipasti, dessert (more than five different types of ice cream, cakes, sweets and fruit), dim sum (only a small selection with pan fried dumplings, shiu mai and different types of steamed or fried buns, but good enough), sushi and teppanyaki. I even saw a huge piece of Spanish smoked ham for you to carve yourself and even paella! This place is definitely one of the best all-you can-eat restaurants I have been to, as it doesn't just offer quantity but also quality

Here are some of the pictures I took. I didn't take pictures of all the food they offered, because to be honest I was rather scared that somebody would tell me off for doing it...;)!

Fried goodies and stir-fried dishes

Seafood and Salad corners

Sushi, sushi and sushi...

Dessert and some fried and steamed Chinese buns.

Wok Dao
08011 Barcelona

Opening Times

Tel 932 929 055

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  1. S - there is one Indo's resto around Barcelona's city area called 'Betawi'. It's not bad but after being deprived of rice for almost 5 weeks, I practically ravished the meal I ordered. The decor is quite authentic but unfortunately I can't say the same about the food.
    ^^ I hope you had a lovely time in Barcelona.

  2. @ Anonymous - Errr.... Btw, may I know who you are (because you call me 'S');)?. Thanks for the tip, but I don't know when I would return to Barcelona again, but if I did one day, I'd check it out :)!

  3. We went to Barcelona last summer. At our last day, I was searching on the web, looking for wok restaurants. I found this website, and decide immediately to visit Wok Dao.

    The employees are very rude, but the food was unbelievable! So much, and so good! We couldn't believe our eyes. So much sushi, fish, meat, vegetables, and everything was fresh and tasted really, really good.

    We payed 60 euro's at a friday-evening for 4 persons, a unbelievable low price, for all that delicious food. We recommend this restaurant to everyone who's visiting Barcelona. thank you for the tip!