Kuotie: Chinese-Indonesian Pan-fried Dumplings


Kuotie is the Chinese-Indonesian interpretation of guotie. It basically tastes very similar to guotie, the main difference is that kuotie is much more garlicky in flavour. Kuotie is also often eaten with chili-garlic sauce as condiment, together with minced garlic. Definitely not something that you should eat on a Sunday evening, unless you want to get some frowns from your colleagues or boss the next day ;).


Makes 50

300 g flour


1 cup boiling water


250 g ground pork


100 gr chopped shrimps


5 cloves garlic, minced


½ cup chopped Napa cabbage (45 g)


1 tsp minced ginger


2 tbs oyster sauce


1 tbs fish sauce


½ tsp sugar


1 tbs chopped chives


A dash of pepper



1804 calories

36 calories per serving

(Not fried)

Chili-Garlic Sauce

The kuotie before being pan-fried

Pan-fried kuotie

What to do

Kuotie skins
  • Combine flour and boiling water. Mix and knead well until you get a non-sticky consistency. You might need some extra flour for dusting. Check this link if you need some step-by-step pictures to help you making the dumpling skins.
Kuotie filling
  • Combine all of the other ingredients (pork, shrimps, cabbage, chives, garlic, ginger, oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar and pepper) and mix well. Make sure that the napa cabbage is completely dry, you do not want the filling to be too wet, because it might complicate the dumpling pleating process (the kuotie skins might tear easily if the filling is too wet!).
Check my guo tie post, to see how to pleat the kuotie.
  • Pan-fry the kuotie for 8-10 minutes. Serve with chili-garlic sauce and minced garlic.

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  1. What a delicious looking treat. Your food photography is really first rate. I love to visit here. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Looks good! Nice presentation too! Happy Weekend!

  3. How did you wrap them up so beautifully? Look at the pleats! :D

    To have a lot of minced garlic in the sauce is not really new, I think. I heard from my Chinese friend that garlic+vinegar is actually more "authentic" than ginger+vinegar (this was more of a localized taste after Guotie become more "international"). Hahhaa, I guess people want to eat to their hearts' content without worrying about strong garlicky smell that won't go away for days in the mouth and even throat! :O

  4. @ Mary - Thank you, Mary, you're too kind. I still have a lot to learn in my photography skills, for example from you :)! Your pictures are always great!

    @Lani - Thank you for stopping by Lani :).

    @ Tigerfish - I guess practice makes perfect ;)? Even though mine are still far away from perfect! I didn't mean that this kuotie is something new, it's very similar with the original guotie, but Indonesians tend to eat them with garlic-chilli sauce rather than vinegar (with garlic or ginger). Apoligies for being unclear - I really need to hone my writing skills...!

    @ Margot - Thank you, Margot!

  5. ahhhh....rapi sekali kuotie nya!! Two thumbs up! :)

  6. @ Belzy - Hehehe, makasih, Bel:). Kamu juga pasti bisa kok!

  7. How perfect your dumplings are! They look so insanely delicious! Your pictures make me want to reach right in and grab a plate.

  8. @ Reeni & Peachkins - Thank you :).

  9. ngebungkusnya cantik ya...spt uda terbiasa bikin..

  10. Oh my gosh, they're beautiful! And they look soooo delicious! I totally want some =)

  11. Hi....they are so lovely and delicious, love the way you pleat them...

  12. @ Kartika - Makasih :). Udah beberapa kali buat sih. Pertama-tama mmg rada bingung gimana bungkusnya tapi setelah coba2, dan cari2 tau gimana ngebungkusnya, akhirnya bisa juga.

    @ Pigpigscorner - Your pierogi look great too!:)

    @ Girlichef and Treat&Trick - Thanks a bunch. Come over and you can get some ;)!

  13. I am thrilled to find your lovely blog. You have to teach me how you manage to pleat those Kuotei so beautifully!

  14. WOOOOWWW!! Very very pretty dumplings! You've shaped them very very nicely and the skin looks so crispy. 5 stars!!!

  15. This is seriously good! How do u finish 50 pcs of those I wonder? Been scrolling in your blog and find it to be full of delicious recipes!

  16. @ Shirley - You're too kind :)! I normally pleat from left to right instead of starting in the middle, maybe it might make a difference. Have a try!

    @ Kitchen Corner - Glad you like it!

    @ Jeannie - I freeze them of course, so that I can just have them again another time when I want it without spending too much time in the kitchen ;). Thanks for the compliment!

  17. astaga rimpel2 nya rapih amat , mau donk sebaris aja he22
    btw Shinta , itu kulitnya kliatan licin amat yah, di JKt kaenya ga selicin itu deh . di JKT yg jual kulit lbh tipis . tapi tetep aja bikinan kamu look yumny deh

  18. @ Veny - Disini kalo mau beli kulit yg tipis juga ada sebenernya, tapi itu biasanya buat wonton/pangsit. Aku personally sebenernya lebih suka kulit rada tebelan kalo buat kuotie, kalo buat siomai baru suka yg tipis.

  19. your wrap the dumpling so beautiful, how did you do tat? so impressed!

  20. I love guotie and I find your quotie looks perfect with the pleating and delicious too.
    Anyway please visit my new site and join the little giveaway.

  21. These looks fantastic! I'd definitely risk frowns from colleagues for these! :P

  22. look like ha gow...wah, each one perfectly the same! how do u do it?

    thnx for visiting my blog:)) keep in touch ok!

  23. @ Jess - Well, I practised for some time before I am able to pleat like this. My first dumplings looked horrible ;).

    @ Anncoo - I went to your new site. It's beautiful, Anncoo:)!

    @ NQN - Haha! Sometimes I don't care that much as well, but then I try not to talk much with other people ;).

    @ Terri - Thanks Terri. Sure, we'll keep in touch!

    @ Somewhere in Singapore - Thank you :).

  24. Your rows of dumplings look awesome. I also love making dumplings from scratch should time allows. Thanks for your kind words.

  25. I love the pleats on the dumplings!!!
    Very very neat and nice.

  26. @ Taste of Hong Kong - Ditto, I love making dumplings from scratch when the time allows. I often do go the easy way and use ready made dumpling skins when I feel like eating dumplings but don't want to bother kneading some flour beforehand ;)!

    @ Wendy - Thank you Wendy!

  27. you're so good at making dumplings! i'm so inspired to try my hand at it one day :)

  28. wihh looks delicious! :D I should try this at home :D *pecinta kuotie*

  29. @ Petite Nyonya - Thanks :). You should really, after some time you would get used to it and pleating is not that hard anymore in the end.

    @ Angel - Sama, aku juga pencinta kuotie, segala macam dim sum lah pokoknya...!! ;)

  30. Thanks for visiting my blog. I posted guotie once, some time ago, at a time when the blog was German only, sorry. Yours look much much better than mine, but mine were my first trial :-)

  31. I am a sucker for pan fried dumplings and those are making me drool. ANd they're pleated perfectly- wow!

  32. wow that looks yummy! i wish i can make something like this myself

  33. Massive dumpling fan here and I love making my own, but mine never look that good. How do you sort of wrinkled, almost shell-like effect?