Rilakkuma Inari Sushi Bento


I managed to find time to make bento dinner today. Probably you shouldn't believe me when I say that I will not have the time to make bento for the next few days...;). Hope you're not bored to death by my constant bento posts...!

I have seen Rilakkuma inari sushi in a lot of Japanese bento sites and I've been wanting to make it myself for some time. I couldn't though, because I didn't have the deep-fried tofu pouches (inari) which are needed to make inari sushi. However, I had the chance to visit an Asian market on the way home from work today and got myself a can of inari skins. I am actually not a big fan of inari sushi, I tried it once ages ago but didn't like it because I found the inari skins too sweet. I was nevertheless willing to give it another try just for the sake of some Rilakkuma inari sushi ;) - Unfortunately, after a few years I still think it's not my cup of tea, so I only ate the sushi rice and had to put away the tofu skins...

I know that I've made quite some Rilakkuma-themed bentos, I am not crazy about Rilakkuma, but I find him quite adorable and a good (and quite simple) bento model. I think the white-coloured bear is actually called 'Korilakkuma', a smaller female bear and the brown-coloured one 'Rilakkuma'. I have been calling everything 'Rilakkuma' in the past, both brown and white - please excuse my ignorance ;).

The right bento box has got Korilakkuma in a Rilakkuma suit inari sushi and behind her is the real Rilakkuma (I hope this is not too confusing for people who are not familiar with these two Japanese characters ;)). On top of the Rilakkuma inari sushi is another mini Rilakkuma made of quail egg. There are also two pieces of steamed shao mai, lettuce and a few slices of mini corn.

The left box is filled with one mini chicken cordon bleu, one Rilakkuma quail egg, two mini corn/asparagus/deli meat rolls, two slices of tamagoyaki, one ham flower, half a piece of radish, three slices of strawberries and a few pieces of grapes.

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  1. Soooo cute!! My kids are not into Inarizushi (I used to love it when I was kid), but with this decoration, I am 100% sure they will eat it! Great job!

  2. Cooking is A-DO-RA-BLE is absolutely beauty you know how I admire your art and work LOL!!gloria

  3. I have enjoyed looking at all the benots you've posted. Just amazing!

  4. Wow looks sooo cute and very tempting.

  5. To be honest, I am not much of a big fan of Inari-sushi either, but if I were to be served this bento you made, I would definitely eat everything up in an instant :)

  6. Me encantó el bento japonés ,que bello se ve todo y delicioso,te felicito y ya sabes que te admiro mucho,mucho,trato de repetir y quedan admirados,eso sí tú los preparas perfectos,cariños y abrazos.

  7. I could I ever get bored with your beautiful bento, I love them!!!! And i also like inari sushi, one of my favourite, Actually, I am vegetarian and so I take all your suggestion but substitute meat and fish with tofu, veggies, eggs, cheese... Maybe one day you could try to make a vegetarian bento! Please let me know if you do!

    Actually, to make sure that I ma not missing any of your great bentos I will put your link on my blogroll.
    If you like my blog and would like to do the same the link is


  8. Super cute Rila inarari sushi CG! The inari skin is also called aburagee. I've been wanting to get it, but I couldn't. Can I use thin tahu goreng as aburagee? LOL :D

  9. Wow, this BENTO blog of yours is a feast to anyone's eyes. What a lovely throw of colours and imagination!!

  10. I am unable to differentiate between Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma too until now :D I blame my ignorance as well XD
    How sweet of them...

  11. How could anyone possibly get bored with your bento posts??? Even though I don't make bentos for many reasons, I enjoy looking at your cute bears, chickens and other characters. Not to mention the dishes you cook! I must buy inari one day. I am very curious what it tastes like!

  12. @ Nami - Thank you for your compliment :). I am not into inari sushi because it's too sweet for my palate, but the tofu skins are really great for making bento characters, so there's a dilemma going on here on my side ;).

    @ Gloria - Thank you for always being so supportive :)!

    @ Yummychunklet - Thanks :)!

    @ Divya - Thanks, Divya :)!

    @ Foodisdelish - Minnieh, that's so sweet of you :), you're free to remove the tofu skins if you want, because that's what I did in the end ;).

    @ Rosita - Thank you for always leaving kind commets in my blog :)!

    @ Alessandra - I will try to make a vegetarian bento one day (I'll probably give it to my husband in the end, hehehe ;)). Thank you for adding my blog in your blog list! I think you have a beautiful blog, so of course I'll add your blog to my list too :)

    @ Tata - Thanks, Ta :). Yea, I think I've heard that deep fried tofu pouch is called aburaage in Japan. I should try the aburaage version, because I think it's simply deep fried tofu slices and not soaked in the sugar/soy sauce/mirin mixture, which makes the tofu skins taste quite neutral. I don't think you can use tahu goreng, perhaps only after you remove the white part ???

    @ Purabi Naha - Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment :).

    @ Mommy Yenny - Well, the bears look identical except for the colours, so I don't blame you ;).

    @ Sissi - Thank you for your encouraging comment, Sissi :). One reason why I keep making bento is because of the tremendous support I've received from the people who visit my blog regularly and leave motivating comments :D)!!

    SO thank you everyone! You all ROCK :D)!!!

  13. See, that's what I'm talking about, your bentos are always colorful and filled with cute details...and this one is no exception!

  14. hey CG..i really u plan your meals ahead? it seems like you have endless ideas and many ingredients!!

  15. Everything you make is soooo adorable

  16. How could we get bored of your bento posts? They're always to creative and pretty and cute!! :D I don't really like inari sushi either- the first time I had it, I was really surprised that the tofu skin was sweet!

  17. kiaaaaa that's so cuuuuute !!