Rilakkuma & Co Bento


I got my Rilakkuma food picks which I ordered online from Ebay yesterday. I was very happy because I didn't expect the food picks to arrive so soon, since they're from Hong Kong and I just ordered them a few days ago. I make Rilakkuma-themed bentos quite regularly, so Rilakkuma food picks are certainly a good addition to my bento accessories collection.

This time I made Rilakkuma (the brown bear), Korilakkuma (the white bear) and Kiroiitori (the chick) together. All three onigiris are filled with prawn tempura, mayonnaise and a bit of lettuce. Rilakkuma is coloured with soy sauce and Kiroiitori with turmeric powder. Next to the bento box is store-bought spaghetti' ice cream - actually simply vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce and a sprinkle of chopped white chocolate. I love spaghetti ice cream because I think it looks so cool ;).

By the way, I also would like to thank Xinmei from Pudding Pie Lane for passing me the following three awards :). She's an economics student who is passionate about baking, cooking and recently (I hope) also making bento (;)).

I am supposed to write 7 random things about myself now, but honestly, at the moment I can't think of anything, so for the time being please look at this link where I have written 7 random things about myself in the past.

I'd like to pass on these 3 awards to these amazing people:

Have a great weekend, everyone :D)!

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  1. I come running to see waht lovely Bento you have to us!!! are soooo cute, you know I dream maybe some day my daughter make this she love this bentos.(specially bears je,)She has 17 and still sleep with her little panda! shhht!
    Thanks by the Awards dear Im honored, hugggs, gloria

    Thanks God you have anonymous still!
    Have a lot of porblems with comments in other blogs, xx

  2. THANK YOU for the awards! Don't know exactly how it works, but I'm very happy that you put me on the list!
    And your Bento is very very cute!
    Have a nice WE!

  3. So cute! The bears especially. Love those strawberries in the back!

  4. Oh my God! Admiring your beautiful onigiri I have clicked at the tempura link, scrolled down your post to ask how you manage to make your shrimp tempura not curled and... I can't believe my eyes!!! I am so touched and so proud you think me worthy of receiving the awards... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You have made my day and even the whole weekend!

  5. It looks too adorable! Have a great weekend!x

  6. @ Gloria - I am happy that you like the awards:). Thank you for always supporting what I do and you totally deserve the awards...:D)!!

    @ NMC - Hi NMC, basically you simply need to pass on the awards to 5-15 people and then you have to write 7 random things about yourself. But you really don't have to if you don't feel like doing so :)

    @ Yummychunklet - Thank you!

    @ Sissi - Of course you do deserve the awards...! You've got an interesting and beautiful blog :)! Btw, I always straighten the prawns before coating them with flour and then later tempura batter to make sure they don't curl. I don't know how to explain it - I 'break the muscles' of the prawns by literally straightening them with my hands...Hope this is not too confusing...!!

    @ Maria - Thank you :)

  7. Congrats! As always your bento is perfectly cute!

  8. Hi CG! Your bento is soo cute & impressive as always! :D
    Congrats on your awards and obviously you really deserve them! Tks so much for passing them to me too! I'm so surprised & honored! Tks! :D
    BTW, so coincidentally, me too have got some awrads for you! Check it out in my latest post! :D
    Have a great weekends! :)

  9. Una composición deliciosa y preciosa.


  10. You're welcome :) As you know I love your blog and yes hopefully as well as being passionate about bento I'll get better at it too! p.s. about your 7 facts, I used to hate shopping too, now I think I'm addicted :) Spaghetti ice cream is a nice way to put it, it does look really cool!

  11. So cute! I love the pink cheeks! I'll have to make something like this soon!!


  12. it's a delight to visit your blog. congrats on your well deserve awards

  13. Congratulations on all your awards - you truly deserver them - I love popping over to your site to see your creations - you put a smile on many people's faces - thank you!

  14. OMG! You've made my day, thanks a lot CG for including me :D. Congrats on the new rilakkuma food picks, they are just adorable. You know what, you're the rilakkuma bento queen LOL, you always come up with your cute rila bentos ^^. Heemmm... Your strawberry are just tempting :D~~~

  15. My favorite is the little chick- so cute! And those are some gorgeous strawberries there, btw. :)

  16. soo cute & impressive as always!

  17. kawaii rillakuma!!!

    i always wanted a little girl so that i could make this cute girly obento like rillakuma or hello kitty...
    iki won't be happy to see hello kitty face in his bento box haha!

  18. Thanks for the reward, CG! It is my first reward, i'm so happy for it.

  19. Truly speaking I came back to see your cute creation! Those Bentos are lovely dear! Congrats on all those deserving awards!

  20. Hi CG! I'm so sorry to receive this award so late! I just saw your comment on my post. Thank you so much for passing these awards to me. You totally made me smile. Looking at your bento makes me very happy and I'm sure a lot of people visit here to feel that way. Congrats on your awards and I totally believe you deserve all kind of awards. :-)