Mum's Shrimp Balls


Almost every single day I've got the same problem of not knowing what to cook, despite quite a collection of cookbooks and bookmarked foodie blogs...;). Quite regularly I ask my husband, "Hey, what do you want to eat today?" because I am sometimes desperate for new ideas, and our conversation always ends with "What do we have?", "What can you cook then?", " What's your suggestion?" - so instead of giving me some ideas, he asks me back...;). But silly me never learns, I keep asking him almost everyday anyway even though I know he's going to question me back ;).

These shrimp balls are quite special, because the recipe is from my mum and this was the first recipe I gave my husband around 12 years ago (*O* - I'm really getting old...;)) when he told me that his mum liked Asian food and would like to know some good Asian recipes - Of course we were just friends at that time, I was a bit too young for a boyfriend ;).

This recipe is certainly not for the faint-hearted nor the health-conscious, because it involves deep-frying white bread....*Upps...*. Anyway, I have a good excuse to make these shrimp balls again because the last time I ate them was probably ten years ago ;).

  • White bread - remove the brown sides and cut into small cubes
  • 500 grams shrimps, chopped finely
  • 2 stalks green onions, chopped
  • 1 egg
  • 1.5 tbs oyster sauce
  • 1 tbs fish sauce
  • A pinch of white pepper
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 4 tbs corn flour (or tapioca flour)
  • Mix all ingredients stated, except the white bread cubes.
  • Take one tablespoon of the shrimp mixture and coat it with the bread cubes.
  • Shape the bread coated shrimp mixture into a ball. Repeat.
  • Deep-fry the shrimp balls until golden brown.

Another song I want to share today is called 'Teil mit mir den Frieden' (which means something like 'Share with me the tranquility/harmony') by a rather unknown German group, Leander. I think it's such a pity that this group doesn't get the recognition it deserves. The singer's voice is breathtaking and the text of this song is simply beautiful...!

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  1. wow they look so tasty! i can gobble up all of these by just myself alone hehe

  2. Wow i've never seen such a thing but it looks great!

  3. I know the "what's for dinner?" problem very well. Although I have cook books and read food blogs, I often end up cooking the same things over and over again, if I don't make an active effort to try something new (which often means some mental and practical preparation, like shopping for ingredients I don't usually have). But it's often worth it, and since I've started my blog, my cooking has become a lot more experimental, and I've also included other preparation methods than pan-frying and cooking in my repertoire - like baking, slow cooking, pot roasting, marinating, etc. That's a good thing. :)

    I don't know that music group either, but it's a beautiful and quiet song, and I also like the lyrics. :)

  4. Hi CG! These shrimp balls are one of my favs snacks/dim sums(most Dim Sums restaurants in SG do have this and even those food courts or coffeshops with Dim Sums stalls have too!) Tks so much for sharing this recipe of your mom's! ^.^

    Oh well, I think I'm same like you too, always have no idea what to cook each day and asking "what do you want to eat" has already becomes a habit or sort of like a daily kinda 'will ask/must ask' question.. LOL
    For me, I ask my girls coz both of them may not feel like eating their favs dishes on some days. My husband just eat whatever I cook and he'll only request on certain dishes if I've not cook that for quite sometime. :)

  5. Oh my, you could be at my house and hear the same exact thing! Too funny! I keep asking too, because the most difficult thing about cooking is deciding what to make everyday....or the response I'll get is "let me think about it" wow that's a lot of help...sheesh!

    I think this recipe looks so interesting. I could take one right now..ok? :D I want to make some of my grandma's old recipes (my mom learned to cook from my dad's mom) she's the one with the good recipes.

  6. very pretty and delicious too!

  7. OOoooooo, delicate shrimp balls! One of my favorite! You made it so perfect!

  8. Love the look of those shrimp balls! I always wonder how they do that, so its actually bread cubes!

  9. CG, your shrimp balls will stay engraved in my memory and will haunt me night and day until I make them. It is one of the most seducing recipes I have ever seen.
    It's funny; your daily dish choice problem and conversations sound strangely familiar ;-)

  10. I love fried foods and I love shrimp so this is great dish to try. My husband and I have the same conversation often at home too. Wait! Who is eating these delicious looking bento?

  11. sounds great! thanks for sharing!!

  12. what a treat for the kids..unhealthy but yummy foods as such are ok once in a while as my mom would tell me haha

  13. OMG, CG! This shrimp balls has exact same look as my mom's shrimp balls! I thought it's her original but your mom and my mom have the same recipe! Is this a common Chinese food? There is no way that my mom knows SE Asian Food I think... I was so surprised when I saw this post. It thought my mom was your guest post (just kidding). My grandpa likes my mom's shrimp balls, and even though he's getting really old, he asks my mom to cook this for him (and he eats like 1 and half). Thank you for sharing this recipe. This post made my heart warm...

  14. This used to be my favorite dish in the restaurant - I will ordered it everytime I saw it on the menu, because it looks so difficult to make!
    Thanks for sharing! I am sure these shrimp balls are super delicious!

  15. @ Everyone - Thank you for your nice comments....:D)!!

    @ Kath - I know what you mean, at the end of the day, I always end up making the same things over and over again, mostly something like noodle soups, pasta or fried rice...Bad, bad , bad...;)! I'm glad you like the song, it's really a pity that this group is not widely known at all in Germany. I think they're even still struggling to start up as a group...

    @ Lyn - No wonder I love these shrimp balls so's dim sum...;)! I've never seen them in dim sum restaurants though and always thought they're my mum's original recipe...hehehehe ;).

    @ Lyndsey - Apparently a lot of people have the same problem...At least now I know I am not alone, I thought there's something wrong with us...;) - Just kidding...!

    @ Sissi - Yay! You like the shrimp balls...:D)! You should definitely give this recipe a try, it's very simple and tastes wonderful. The shaping part might be a bit tricky, because you might wonder why the shrimp mixture is somehow runny, but it's normal. Once the mixture is covered in bread cubes, you can shape it into a ball...

    @ Nippon Nin - My husband and I eat the bento meals shown in this blog :D)!

    @ Nami - Wow, really...?? I also thought it's my mum's original recipe ;). Looking at the comments, these shrimp balls seem to be a quite typical dim sum dish, so yes, it's Chinese. I am happy to hear that this post has brought you good memories :D).

  16. I guessed it--that you like dim sum coz I can see lots of dim sums recipes here.. :)
    Everyone has got their mom's original recipe, although it may look the same but don't taste the same coz each has got their own cooking techniques, different amt. of ingredients/seasonings added, different cooking time and heat. Most impt, it's our own moms' cooking... :)

  17. CG, thank you for the advice! If you -such a skilled person - say it's tricky, I am a bit scared, but I will try it! It's too tempting!

  18. I use to love to eat these at yum cha, but seems like no one else is doing them anymore. Thanks so much for sharing this one.

  19. maybe one day you should ask your hubby to make some bentos for you for a change! i've eaten something very similiar to these type of shrimp balls, they're cuttlefish balls, look quite the same as these..nice!

  20. I thought this is our (CG and I) mom's original recipe too! it tastes very nice although unhealthy, but once in a while, it's a good treat!