Oyakodon Bento


I wanted something very simple to make for dinner, so Oyakodon that was. For the recipe I used two references, yes, another recipe from Cooking with Dog and Nami's Just One Cookbook ;).

My version is not very correct because I didn't put the chicken/egg mixture on top of the rice, I did it because I thought that the two little quail egg-chicks would look better on top of rice. Anyway, I am not very happy with the quality of the photos, let me blame the bad weather today, it was so dark and gloomy this afternoon, so the lightning really wasn't perfect and thus the rather blurry pictures...

Adapted from Just One Cookbook and Cooking with Dog

50ml dashi stock
1 tbsp soy Sauce
1 tbsp sake
1/2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp mirin
1/2 onion, sliced
100 grams chicken thighs, cut diagonally
2 eggs

Let me end this post by sharing a beautiful Indonesian song called 'Matahariku' or 'My Sunflower'. Have a lovely evening, everyone :).

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  1. whenever i look at your bentos, i'm reminded that food that looks adorable makes it so much for yummy! btw, your future kids are going to love their lunches!!! btw, have you been living in germany for all of your life?

  2. @ Junia - Thanks for your compliment, Junia :). And no, I've only been living in Germany for around 3 years...:).

  3. Hi CG! Ohhh this was probably my first time listening Indonesian song! I love it! Thanks for the mention CG. I think Cooking with Dog is amazing. Very efficiently move and cook and the video makes us feel like it's so easy to cook! Your quail egg chicks are so cute. I create more feeling attached to them I won't be able to eat. haha.

  4. happy weeeknd! ahh..thanks for sharing the tips to make this! I havent made it for sooo long. Btw, you have great creativity in making bento!

  5. Hi, you always surprise us with your meal, very artistic and scrumptious! Love them, I just woke up and now Im hungry! Happy weekend!

  6. Indeed you two little quail eggs are ridiculously cute!

  7. those little cute yellow chicks are calling my name...thanks for the video, i LOVE agnes monica! :D

  8. No matter how bad the weather is, I find your photos still beautiful! Your oyakodon reminds me I still haven't decided what to have for lunch today... I think now I know :-)

  9. Your bentos look so cute that the quality of your photos doesn't really matter anyway ;) I've never had oyakodon before, but it sounds delicious! I'll have to try it some time.....

  10. Oh, those little egg chicks are so cute! :D I always adore how delicately you cut facial features and claws from nori sheets!

    This cooking vid has the minute waltz again, so the world is in order. ;) (The takoyaki one had the Black Keys etude, did you notice? :D)

    The song is beautiful! I love that you post music now, too! :)

  11. Hi CG! I like both versions of Oyakodon! :D Yours looks like yummy stir-fried chicken and onions sprinkled with sesame seeds that goes best with plain short-grained rice! :D

  12. @ Nami - Now you know how Indonesian sounds :). I love Cooking with Dog because I think the videos are funny and all the meals prepared by that lady look so delicious...! But well, I love Japanese food, one reason why I keep stalking your blog the whole time ;).

    @ Daphne - Thanks, Daphne :).

    @ Lani - Thank you, Lani! You make great bentos yourself too :D)!

    @ FGF - Thanks :).

    @ Rita - I love Agnes Monica too, she seems to be very intelligent too...!

    @ Sissi - Thanks, Sissi :). I hope you also enjoyed your Oyakodon :)1

    @ Von - You should give it a try...It's very comforting...!

    @ Kath - Hehe, actually I use a nori puncher to cut out those little eyes and feet, too small to use scissors ;).

    Really, I didn't notice that, I thought the CWD videos always use Minute Waltz from Chopin ;).

    Glad that you like the music here...:). Thanks for the cool idea....:D)!

    @ Lyn - Hehe, I think that I cooked that a bit too long, that most of the liquid was almost gone - too busy decorating my bento apparently...;).

  13. Uh huh... Well, sometimes a lil mistake lets you discover a better result! ^.^

  14. you always have a great idea ... I also love to see Cooking with dog :))
    request : can u posting step by step how to make yummy & cute bento?? thanks ^^