Ebi Furai & Gyoza Udon Noodle Soup


Doesn't this udon soup look very yummy :)? Udon belongs to one of my favourite noodles, I love its chewy texture and shape. Today's udon soup simply reflects the perfect udon soup for me because it contains my favourite toppings, ebi furai (fried panko coated shrimps) and gyoza . It's very simple to make when you have all the toppings ready beforehand, that's why I like to freeze any types of extra dumplings which I make, because they can be very practical for later use such as this one. I didn't make the fried shrimps myself, that's why they look so perfect ;). I bought them in my local Asian store and I only had to fry them- I was surprised that the fried shrimps were very tasty...!

  • 200 grams udon noodles
  • 2 ebi furai
  • 2 gyoza
  • 1 soft-yolked egg
  • 3 slices of naruto maki (fishcake)
  • Blanched asparagus
  • 1 piece of Shiitake mushrooms, cooked in soy sauce and a pinch of sugar
  • 2 pieces Lotus roots, cooked in soy sauce and a pinch of sugar
  • Chopped green onions
  • 2-3 teaspoons dashi powder
  • 1 tablespoon mirin
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 400 ml hot water

  • Cook udon noodles according to package instructions.
  • In a separate bowl, add 2 tbs soy sauce, 1 tbs mirin, 2 tsp dashi powder.
  • When the udon is cooked, add it into the bowl with 400 ml hot water.
  • Garnish with 1 soft-yoled egg, 2 ebi furai, 2 gyoza, naruto maki, asparagus, shiitake mushroom, lotus roots and green onions.

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  1. It sure is looks so yummy!!! ... me want some right now.

  2. Hmmm ^-^But at the moment i prefer soba noodles. Though i had a rather nasty experience with cool soba in Ueno Tokyo once. Those tasted like they had been cool for quite a while. Ugg
    Beautyfully done anyway. My regards!

  3. Another artistically prepared dish. You make even the most simple things looks so beautiful :)

  4. I am so excited to see lotus roots in that bowl! I love them so much but I can't find them anywhere in Australian supermarkets. Anyway, this looks like a delicious lunch or dinner! I love the texture of those noodles too.

  5. It has been centuries since I had lotus roots!!! Now I feel like some!

  6. Oishiso~~~!!!(You see, I know now that you know some words. ;-) Very balanced menu (veggie, meat, seafood, carbs, fruits...). Yummy!

  7. Ohhhh CG... every time I pass by you amaze me. This udon soup must be so yummy! Not to mention it looks terrific! Great stuff!!!

  8. Oooh my that loooks scrumptious!!! :) I am so hungry now!


  9. Not going to lie, I gravitated towards the tempura shrimp. Yum!

  10. You're right, the udon soup looks very yummy. Where did you buy the naruto-maki?

  11. This looks delicious! Please send me one!


  12. Your soup looks so seducing I think I'll make myself also a bowl of udon. Although I don't have most of your toppings :-(
    I also love the udon chewy texture. Udon and soba are my two favourite types of noodles.

  13. Oh my! Now I'm hungry :),love it! love it!

  14. @ Everyone - thank you for your compliments :D)!!

    @ Danii - Thanks, Danii, I bought the naruto maki in 'Yuan Fa' - an Asian store in Wiesbaden.

    @ Sissi - I love to make the toppings in advanced and then freeze them, because they really can be very practical when you want to have a quick fix lunch :).

  15. I've recently tried lotus root for the first time, and it gave me an appetite for more! This bowl looks very pretty! :)

  16. Hi CG! I bet my Messy will go crazy seeing this Udon (her newly founded fav noodle) bento of yours! All are her fav foods! :D
    Btw, how do you make soft-yolked egg? It looks like salted duck egg to me...

  17. I love udon too as it's chewy and yours look so appetising ...... so much goodies to go with it!

  18. Ohh I love prawn tempura!Yummy! You do make really lovely meals!

  19. @ Lyn Trinix - Lyn, I usually boil the eggs for 5-6 minutes under boiling water to get soft-yolked egg :).

  20. This looks amazing! Your shrimp look perfect (they are so straight too)! Who ever got to eat this was super lucky!