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A few days ago I designed a new badge for my site and my mascot is my bunny, Charlie :). I wanted to 'celebrate' my new badge by making a 'Charlie bunny' bento today - Since I am so proud of it (my knowledge of photoshop is nearly zero, you see...;)). Unfortunately Charlie doesn't look so cute in bento :(. I should have placed her eyes a little bit lower...!

I ordered some decoration tapes from CasaBento some time ago - do you see the three pink rolls of tape behind the bento boxes? Don't you think that they're adorable? I created some food picks with the tapes as you can see in the pictures above and below. Check out CasaBento's site under stationary and you will find the tapes.

CasaBento has quite some beautiful new products in their site as well. They now even have several new bento boxes and thermoses exclusively designed by them! They're real pretty, you should check them out, especially because those bento boxes are made by Hakoya - which is known as one the best bento box makers in Japan.

Now let's find out what's inside the bento boxes...!

Charlie bunny
is made out of rice which is slightly seasoned with soy sauce. Her pink tummy is made out of deli meat and the heart (and also the nose) are actually the case of Babybel cheese (so it's inedible and purely for decoration). The pink part of the ears plus the pink cheeks are made out of deli meat as well.

There are also 2 ham/green bean rolls, 2 Babybels, 1 ham flower, parsley and 1 piece of grape.

4 liver pate/green bean rolls, coleslaw, pan-fried garlic/soy sauce chicken, radish kimchi, boiled egg, mandarin, strawberries, cheese flower and one piece of radish.

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  1. So cute !!! Bravo ! Thanks for all these beautiful ideas!

  2. they look so cute


  3. @ Béné - My pleasure :)!

    @ Aarthi - Thanks Aarthi :)

  4. Wow this looks soooo perfect! the bunny is really very cute.
    Can i ask you where do you get this tape with the dress, shoes, mirror, bags an the eiffeltower? i got a bentobox with this beautiful motiv. is there more stuff with this motiv and where can i get these. i love to own bento sets not only a single box ;)

  5. @ Cristina - Thanks :)!

    @ nicekitty - Thank you :). I got the tape from CasaBento. Check out this link here: I am not sure where you can get other things with this design - try to e-mail casabento and ask them :).

  6. So adorable! I always love to see your creations! :)Wish you a wonderful weekend.

  7. Lovely badge, mascot and, of course, bento!


  8. Charlie looks so cute and the presentation is amazing. Must have tasted wonderfully delicious.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. CG, I love this badge and I love the bunny "live" ;-) The bentos are impressive as always!

  10. Ahh, how nice! Well done on the (new) mascot! Clever way to promote it...I absolutely love the Babybell with a flower cut out of it. Did you use a vegetable cutter and light pressure? *steals idea!*
    Damn you on featuring CasaBentol... I finally went for two weeks without looking at their website and now I'm back again. :p

  11. Oh, what's the yellow stuff in the cup?

  12. @Tze - yes, I used a cutter to make a flower pattern on the Babybel :-) , I know what you mean, casabento has many cool prtoducts, sorry for tempting you ;)! And the yellow stuff is vanilla milk - it's Muellermilch, maybe you know this brand.

  13. Hi CG! Congrats on your new badge and I love it, very cute! Charlie is cute in bento too! ;)