Rosalie the Piglet Bento


Have you heard of Rosalie and Trüffle? I love these two adorable characters and I have been collecting some Rosalie and Trüffel merchandise items for about a year now. You might have noticed that I love to include mini chocolate bars with pictures of pink and brown piglets as props for my bento photos - they're Rosalie and Trüffel :)!

Source: Rosalie und Trüffel

So, who are Rosalie and Trüffel? They are two little piglets created by the German author Katja Reider and illustrator, Jutta Bücker. They fall in love at first sight when they meet under an apple tree. Their story is simple but sweet and adorable and I find the illustrations absolutely wonderful!! If you understand German, they have an official website here. Their books have also been translated into many different languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Dutch, etc.

Since I love Rosalie and Trüffel so much, it's time to make a Rosalie and Trüffel themed bento :). This time it's just Rosalie alone, munching a piece of strawberry. She is made out of goat cheese which I coloured with red beet juice. The black outline is made out of nori. As you can see in the pictures, Rosalie is modeled after the picture of the mini chocolate bar. Next time I will also make Trüffel that Rosalie doesn't have to feel lonely in the bento box ;).

The pink flowers are also made out of goat cheese coloured with beet juice and I used my sakura bento cutter to shape them into flowers. The white daisy is, as usual, made out of goat cheese and cheddar cheese and cut out with a sunflower fondant cutter.

The pink bento box contains some Serrano ham/string bean rolls, tamagoyaki, Wiener sausages, cherry tomatoes and a small portion of beef rendang.

I hope you enjoy looking at the bento as much as I enjoyed making it :). I am thinking to make another piglet-themed bento for lunch, so do stay tuned :D)!

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  1. I haven't heard of little piggie Rosalie but she's a cutie pie! But really your bentos make me swoon! Just so so beautiful.

  2. I have never heard about these characters, but they are so cute! And even cuter in your bento!

  3. You always come up with colorful and flowery beautiful bento ^^. Ah, it sounds that you have other great collections beside Rosalie and Trüffel hehehe :D

  4. I don't know about this character but thanks to introduce it to us. Awesome bento! And I spotted your tamagoyaki there. Looks perfect for me Sin (^.^)

  5. Piggie Rosalie is as cute as ever, food looks delicious too!!

  6. Cute little Rosalie, lovely bento, CG!
    how do you colour the cheese with beet juice? u dip the cheese in beet juice?

  7. That is soooo cute. I love pigs, and I wish I knew about Rosalie and Truffle when I was younger. I had a HUGE collection of pig books/stuffed animals/figurines/ pictures/etc.

  8. Never knew about Rosalie and Truffel, thanks for sharing them, Sin. I enjoy looking at your bento so much :)

  9. I love Rosalie bento! So adorable! You never fail to copy the right kind of expression too. Amazing work!