Yellow Piggies Bento


I found some yellow cherry tomatoes when I opened my fridge this morning and directly thought that I should make them into little duckies - I am not very sure myself how they turned out into piggies in the end...;).

The method to make these little yellow piggies is very similar to the cherry tomato Elmos which I made a few weeks ago.

The rectangular-shaped bento box contains rice, yellow cherry tomato piggies on top of lettuce, red cherry tomatoes, egg, cucumber slices and garlic/soy sauce chicken.

The round box contains some strawberries, grapes, mandarin slices and two cherry tomato piggies.

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  1. Gosh! This is so cute and I love those yellow piggies :)

  2. hey these pigs little look like the pigs from "angry birds" really cool game at the moment ;)
    by the way...i love your photos... so many little details...a chocolate with a pig or this fork...

  3. CG, only you could have such an amazing idea seeing yellow cherry tomatoes. The piggies are so sunny and cute!

  4. Aaw, look at these cute little guys nestling on their bed of rice - so pretty, CG :)

  5. What a happy bento! love the pigs!

  6. Oh, and random comment (not related to this post, sorry): thanks so much for following Mêh on facebook and for your comments. :3

    And now something about the post; I never thought of slicing mandarin! Is it still easy to eat? It does look really lovely, its smaller size adds a touch of cuteness.

  7. Your bento looks for me totally like spring. Really pretty!
    I wish we could have spring again.

  8. i have no idea how you managed to change ducks into pigs but still very cute nevertheless

  9. @ Tze - my pleasure, I enjoy reading your hilarius comic :-) ! The orange slices are more difficult to eat, but you would still manage to do so ;)