Rosalie und Trüffel Bento


If you read my post two days ago, you'd know who Rosalie and Trüffel are - they are two piglets in love :). Rosalie is the pink one and Trüffel is the dark brown one. Making Trüffel was quite a challange, I only managed to get a light brown tone for his body after soaking the goat cheese in soy sauce for an hour.

Rosalie, Trüffel, all the hearts and flowers are all made out of goat cheese (except the yellow parts which are gouda cheese) - I get the pink shade from beet juice and the brown shade from soy sauce.

The side dishes for this bento includes Korean style sweet and sour pork (I'll post the recipe tomorrow), two fried breaded shrimps, kimchi and a few pieces of fruits.

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  1. Really so artistic....too cute to eat the pigs

  2. Too sweet! You are super talented! Brava!

  3. Aah, so sweet - little piggies in love! I love the little tooth on the right-hand side piggie (trüffel, I guess, right?) - what a beautiful touch... such attentiion to detail :)

  4. Soooo cute. You always make such wonderful bentos, and I love all your pig themed bentos.

  5. You are amazing... How can you recreate the same image!!! Great job CG!

  6. CG this one is so impressive! i love how you were able to replicate the watercolor painted look of the pigs in the story... dying the cheese is ingenious, and whatever else you did really worked!

  7. This is so cute! I would definitely eat the sweet and sour pork, but your piggies are just too cute to be eaten :-)