Pink Piggies Bento


As promised, here is another piglet-themed bento. These three little pink piggies were surprisingly easy to make - I think I only spent 10 minutes in total. The secret is of course the power of nori punchers and bento cutters :). I simply used a nori puncher to punch out the eyes, the two black dots for the nose and the round black part for the pink flowers. The noses were cut out with an oval bento cutter, the flowers with a sakura shaped cutter and the ears were cut manually with a kitchen knife.

The pink rice was coloured with beet juice, the same with the pink flowers. Some people have asked me how to make coloured cheese - basically you simply have to dip the (white/goat) cheese slice in coloured liquid, for example beet juice for pink and soy sauce for brown. After a few minutes the cheese is going to have a different colour - the longer you let the cheese sit in the coloured liquid, the more intensive the colour will be (but don't exaggerate, because if it stays in the liquid too long, it's going to get soggy in the end).

This bento was my lunch yesterday - besides the piggy onigiris, I also had some pickled carrot and cucumber, pan-fried breaded shrimps, boiled egg and a small portion of beef rendang.

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  1. very pretty lunch...I can stare at it for hours :)

  2. wie süß *hihi* mit Schweinchen hast du es zur Zeit ;-) sieht wie immer sehr lecker aus, staune auch immer über deine schönen Tassen im Hintergrund, hast du die extra anfertigen lassen?

  3. Oh they are soooooo cute! I love those piggies!

  4. I just love the piggie's expressions! =)

  5. this is so cute. i really missed your blog :-)