Rice Vermicelli with Beef Balls and Gyoza


Yes, I do love my noodles...! As you might have noticed, I do post about noodles quite regularly too, if I don't make bento, I always seem to make noodles somehow ;). I usually eat udon or egg noodles, but this time I wanted to have something different and made something with rice vermicelli. This dish might look complicated, but in reality it's pretty simple.


Rice Noodles
  • 100 g rice vermicelli, cooked
  • 1/2 tablespoon Schweineschmalz (pork lard) or sesame/olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon fish sauce
  • 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
  • A pinch of pepper
Toppings (Suggestions)
  • Store-bought beef balls, cooked
  • Homemade (or store-bought) gyoza
  • 1 boiled egg
  • Savoury ground chicken/pork (I used leftover gyoza's filling and stir-fried it)
  • Chopped green onion
  • Fried shallots (or onion)
  • Soy-sauce soaked mushrooms
  • Naruto maki (Japanese fish cakes)
  • Bok choy, blanched
  • Combine cooked vermicelli with Schweineschmalz, fish sauce, oyster sauce and pepper.
  • Top the vermicelli with beef balls, pan-fried gyoza, egg, chopped green onion, fried shallot, bok choy, etc - basically anything you want...!

I love eating my noodles with Szechuan chili oil. If you don't have this, you can use other types of chili sauce too.

By the way, I watched the Japanese series 'Ordinary People' when I was still in primary school....!! I have always liked the OST 'True Love' by Fumiya Fujii from this series, this brings back lots of memories...*very old school* ;).

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  1. Que combinación tan deliciosa, me encanta.


  2. Hi CG! So nice to see you back again! ^.^
    I love noodles too since young and I'll always choose noodles over rice even up till now. At least now I'm slightly better, will eat rice (coz there're no noodles for me to choose... LOL)
    YES! I LOVE my noodles with lots of fried pork lard! BEST! :D

  3. OOOOOOOOO.. i love how you arranged it. It's soo pretty and appealing- great job with the flower cut on the mushrooms as well!

  4. Ciao, I would like to tell you that today I showed your blog to my children, they love bento e Japanese things and they just loved your blog, then we watched 20 mamashiba videos! They went crazy! Now they want a mameshiba bento too! They kept singing the tune and repeating some of the 'facts' (actually, they are not all correct, but they are fun!).

    I may have to make them something soon...


  5. I don't know that series (the intro is cute, though - soooo 80s! :D), but I like to watch anime series as a child, and I still get nostalgic when I listen to the opening songs now. :)

  6. Ah CG.... I wish I were your kid ;p

  7. All of your dishes are so colorful, creative and most of all, delicious! Looks fantastic.

  8. looks vibrantly colorful and tempting!! :)

  9. My oh my...CG, this is truly a feast! And I really envy how you flawlessly gave those star-shaped cuts on the mushrooms. I still can`t nail it even after many trials ><!

  10. Wow...lots of toppings and beautifully arranged.

  11. I love these bentos of yours! They have a lil taste of everything! :D

  12. i think this is really delicious with the szechuan chilli!

  13. Apart from your blog I rarely see noodles on bento photos. One more thing that makes your bentos special!

  14. Yummy looking noodle bowl!

  15. @ Lyn - I like both rice and noodles, I used to prefer noodles, but I think I like them both equally now :).

    @ Alessandra - That's so sweet of you that you showed my site to your children too :D)! I just found out about the Mameshiba videos a few days ago too, in the beginning I thought they're weird, but after some time I found them quite entertaining ;)!

    @ Kath - I know what you mean, all those old series/songs always make me very nostalgic too :).

    @ Tata - You're too old to my my daughter, Ta ;)!

    @ Arudhi - Thanks :)! I didn't know I could make that star-shape until I did it on a fresh mushroom (much easier!). In the past I always used dried mushroom and it never really worked...:(

    @ Sissi - Thanks, Sissi :). Most of my noodles posts are not bento posts though, they're just normal 'cooking posts';).

  16. I like my rice only if they're colored or flavored i.e fried rice, chicken rice, coconut milk rice(nasi lemak) etc... LOL

  17. This looks like an amazing lunch! I am going to try the noodle recipe. I love vermicelli noodles but have never cooked them myself at home. Great idea!

  18. I LOVE vermicelli. Yours have a lot of ingredients and my husband won't call it noodle is not enough. He thinks noodle is "light" dish. This will fill you up. :-) Delicious recipe!

  19. Another one of your gorgeously beautiful meals!!

  20. yum! I used to have this when I was young. i love love love noodles! :)

  21. As usual, your cooking is always made me drooling and wanna try it! :). You are really my fave chef ;).
    Btw, I watched "Ordinary People" too! I cant forget that movie, because it was kinda the beginning of Japanese movie showed in Indo's tv! Thanks for sharing the song :)